Ich sehe es Geschellschaft,Familie, Menschen, Kultur

Besser so …


I close my eyes and see you before me!
I am taking before being super-intelligent.
And do not play with fire.
I myself made the promise to forget you
I tried it but it is not linked to me.
Whenever it gets dark comes the feeling!
Wakes up the old dreams.
Night’s, I can hardly calm down.
You’re always near me,

I’m talking to you than you’d be there.
Sometimes I want to call you just to hear your voice.
I am reaching for the phone before I dial the number

I put it down again.
I steer me off, as long as people are around me

linked me too.
But whenever it gets dark ….





Eine Antwort

  1. LMAA

    Hmm…20.September ?????? Und heute unter Neuigkeiten zu finden ?

    26. Mai 2010 um 19:23

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